May 26, 2011

3d tv + me

i have to admit, since the 3d tv came out i had been dying to give it a test try.  not sure why i expected it to be the greatest thing in the world seeing as i have already seen a lot of 3d movies and such, but still, something about it was thrilling. 
.   .   .

 last night jay and i went shopping for a new laptop so i finally got to try a 3d tv out! it was a little less thrilling then i had imagined it would be, making my desire to own one fade out.  even though owning a brand new piece of technology would be out our financial existence anyway, another reason i probably wouldn't want one is because i couldn't look like this each day while i watched tv.

.   .   .   

ray ban should design the next pair of 3d tv glasses. 

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