December 17, 2013

that time she had really blonde hair, he rarely cut his hair and they both lived in L.A.

jay and i got m down with no fuss (no fuss!) the other night and took the free time to go through our photos from europe. we have been meaning to print some off for awhile now to hang in some gallery frames jay got me for our anniversary. right before we shut the computer down for the night we ended up finding a folder full of photos from the years we lived in los angeles. we met there so the city holds a special place in my heart. not to mention we have some really dear friends who still live there.

these photos brought back so many wonderful memories and made me miss our times together back then. though, i wouldn't trade what we have at this moment for the world, it's sweet to look back and remember what brought us to where we are. i will admit i desperately miss my ability to tan as well as i used to. but apparently my love for old man caps remains the same and i'm pretty happy about that.

{2006: new years eve at 26 beach restaurant in venice. i used to work there too!}

{2005: santa ynez wine country with the bestie and big sister. some photos from this trip may never be seen again}

{2005: ice skating in downtown. hence the short sleeves but i really tried to get the look with the scarf, can't you tell?}

{not sure the date here, i think 2004, but this is the cafe where we met! it's moved since but still around if you ever want to go. the talking stick, started by our friends rich and sheri. rich ended up marrying us and sheri was one of my bridesmaids}

{2005: at a petting zoo in a pumpkin patch. you can't see it but i am rocking a wool vest along with that cap and hideous bag}

 { 2005: the fourth of july fireworks with friends on the field of my college in santa monica. also one of my most favourite photos of us}

December 11, 2013


last weekend a friend of ours, teddy chau came over and took a few shots of our little family. we are in love with all of the photos he took and happy mila complied with wearing a dress for as long as she did. if you look closely you will see layer by layer, some article of clothing came off. by the end, she was in a diaper and onesie.

thank you teddy so very much for these, we will treasure these forever!

December 09, 2013

happy holidays

yesterday i posted a photo to instagram that jay emailed me of his fun afternoon with mila while i was at brunch with some friends. it was a pretty cute photo of m in a santa hat. simple, happy and sweet. i hadn't noticed the photo during breakfast so it wasn't until i got home to see m napping on jay and jay asking "did you see it?" not sure if it is just the holiday season, our new sweet babe, or the fluctuating hormones still kicking around but i started to tear up the moment i saw it. there is just so much joy behind that face and of course behind the dad taking it.

here is a shot of what our cloud looks like after their fun time together. i mean, nine times the photo equals nine times the cuteness right? 
i think so.

hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

December 02, 2013

photos from the phones

on mamahood three months

it's been awhile! but the little lady who has been occupying my time has been completely worth it. i am loving this mama-hood journey and happy to know it's a lifelong one at that. there are so many new and exciting (and exhausting) things that happen daily. i think we have been pretty fortunate to have a little one who adapts well to direction even at an early age. she knows once that sleep sheep goes on it's time to shut those eyes for a snooze. honestly it takes all of 3 minutes for her to know it's time to sleep. also, the ocean setting on sleep sheep is sort of where it's at, just say'n.

there have been so many changes and developments in such a short period of time that i have been thinking about starting a new blog series documenting the joys of the stage she is in. not to provide any kind of advice but just to capture the blissful parts of her babyhood so i can look back years from now and remember what it was like. not entirely sure what will happen from one day to the next so i'm sure this list will be forever changing, or have some things that stay the same, either way, i'm pretty excited about it!

so here we are, LAAV on mamahood pt. one at three months:
  • her smile in the morning when she first sees one of us is my absolute favourite part of the morning.
  • i forget to have a burp cloth around at least 90% of the time, thus getting puked on about 90% more.
  • she is really good at spitting up on the couch so i blame these moments for why i typically don't have a burp cloth handy. though i know it's really just because i keep misplacing it.
  • i thought nothing was more amazing than her smile until i heard her laugh. that is the most amazing thing. of. all. time.
  • i have probably asked 30 moms about sleep training and have read a few different schools of thoughts on the subject. all of which to find a consistent routine is the key factor in all methods. go figure.
  • showering has become insanely more glorious.
  • our apartment seems a whole lot smaller.
  • her and jay together. ugh. bliss.