December 26, 2012

we've been catching up with family over the past few days and enjoying every minute! i am happy to be able to spend this week off with some of the people i love the most. between family get togethers, skype christmas dates and long distance phone calls i really do feel blessed with all the wonderful people i get to call family and friends.

hope you all have an amazing holiday season too!

December 02, 2012

paris, pt.two :: in photos

...and fin! this is the last picture post of our three weeks in europe. looking at all of these pictures makes me miss it so much! so so much!! we visited the most wonderful places and met some of the most beautiful people on our trip. one day, i hope to go back to each place and spend a proper amount of time in each city- but first i hope there are many more new countries we will see in the next few years!

if you care to see the rest of our trip in pictures and postcards, all links are listed below!
paris :: here & here
monshiem :: here & here
munich :: here & here
venice :: here & here
cinque terre :: here & here
florence :: here & here
rome :: here & here

paris, :: in photos