August 16, 2013

will it be this weekend?

my guess is no, but a mama can hope! i have a feeling boleslaw wants to stick around for a little while longer. so until the grand appearance happens i plan to soak up this belly, listen to albums i have been meaning to get to and stare aimlessly at the nursery being occupied by two fuzzy kittens. i have a feeling we will be scooping cats out of the bassinet on a regular basis once the baby comes.

boleslaw is 39 weeks old in this photo. pretty big difference from 16 weeks if you ask me. and i remember feeling so big at 16 weeks. little did i know!

hope you have an amazing weekend!

August 07, 2013

out & about

we are on baby watch over here expecting the little one's arrival in about two weeks but while we have been busing ourselves with the nursery, doctors appointments and my final days at work (now officially on mat leave!) we have still tried to make of the most of our days sans baby to see friends and hang out with each other as much as possible.

a few weekends back we took a stroll to kensington market to see our friends of ESCALATE play for pedestrian sundays. they are regulars for pedestrian sundays and really just a great listen for a summer sunday afternoon with a beer (or h2o for this one) on a patio with friends. or really just a great listen in general.

we were pretty happy to make it out successfully that day seeing as each new day brings more frequent trips to the bathroom and just general comfortableness. below are a few photos snapped of our day there. originally we wanted to go for an hour so we could get back home to get back to work but we ended up staying for about three hours. i blame the music, our friends, the sun, and a particular aussie who was in town for a short bit that i didn't think i would be able to see!  

some of the band's youngest fans supporting their dad in matching fedoras

 my favourite aussie below and a view of the crowd pedestrian sunday's draw.

if you venture to toronto in the summer, this is for sure worth checking out! 
hope you are enjoying your summer too!