August 20, 2012

brooke's bachelorette :: part II

if you care to know our winery route scroll to the bottom- there are links to all vineyards!

tour order:
{a brief visit to wellington heritage museum- too cute!}
no.3 karlo estates {my fave!}
no.4 hinterland

August 14, 2012

a bachelorette for brooke

last weekend i jetted off to prince edward county for a few days full of bachelorette celebrations!  it was such a nice girls getaway and for a big group of girls spending an entire day tasting wine, i am surprised how sober we all stayed- really! 

brooke and i met a few years back and because of her i have gotten the chance to meet so many wonderful people here in toronto!  the company brooke keeps truly is something special and i have always felt really fortunate to know her.  come november, she will be getting married to one of jay and eric's friends, who happens to be one of the first friends of jay i had ever met in toronto {as in circa 2003}.  the bachelorette girls and i reminisced a little about it on saturday, but i personally still remember how smitten shandy was with brooke from the start! being one of the people who will see them exchange vows in just a few months makes me pretty happy.  it is one of many events this year i am super excited to be a part of!

there will be many many more pictures to come, and a bit more about which wineries we went to, but for now, here is a little cheers to brooke before she marries her love!

August 13, 2012

life lately...

...has been busy!  

work has picked up a lot {as it always does towards the back half of the year}. there have been babies and weddings; visiting friends and weekends away; plus the returning love for my own bed when i wake up on a saturday morning to coffee, jay and two happy kittens.  it seems lately my weeknights are on reserve for handsome and weekends on reserve for friends. i'm not sure how much quality time jay and i will get to spend with each other over the next few weeks.  last week we walked home from the subway sharing an umbrella in the rain, which we typically do, but this time i felt myself swooning over that little moment.  coming up, our time may just be as grand as pouring a drink and sitting on the same couch while i am head down in laptop.

on the brighter side of things, i try to remind myself of all the good things that are consuming me.  things like a job i love, girlfriends i finally found in this city {and also love!}, and so many fun activities that leave me feeling really proud of our friend on tour, our friends about to get married, and the fast approaching two week trip to europe with a few details still needing to be planned out.

it may not be the most romantic time right about now but i sure am dreaming a bit more of this trip.  i am anxiously awaiting a full two weeks of husband time and limited days of crammed full schedules of places we aren't dying to see.  really, i can't wait to wake up and say "what's on tap for today, the louvre or musee d'orsay?" 
all of which isn't really that bad now is it?

le sigh.

August 01, 2012

doerkie family cottage weekend

a little family video from last weekend's getaway
we are minus a few family members in the video but promise they were missed 
{until we went down to the dock and forgot all about them}