August 06, 2016

minutes with mila |

a new post! a new post! also, dare i say, a revival of LAAV? fingers crossed for yes.this spot of the internet i call my own has always been a nice outlet for me, but more than anything, it's been the best to reflect on. pre baby, post baby, it's just good times.

with m, i did so well at documenting her infant moments but really fell silent during her toddler years. there have been so many stages where i confidently feel like "this one. this is the best one yet." don't get me wrong, it's not without challenges but man can those good times mask those challenging times in a second. 

lately, m's vocabulary has expanded and her imagination has taken off. the two together is like a fun factory cocktail. i feel like i hang on her every word sometimes because who knows where it will go next. sometimes it's totally normal and then other times her favourite animal is "batman". this kid, seriously, this kid. 

miss mila, i adore you.