May 23, 2012

its been busy busy busy over here!

  last week was dedicated to: 
work, sleep and eat; eat, sleep, work 
...and not necessarily in that order.

so to make up for the time lapse between this post and the last i wanted to make a cute little video of our getaway last weekend to this familiar spot.  only problem is that i forgot my battery charger.  boo on me for not charging ahead of time!  i didn't get as many shots as i really wanted- or any with me in them for that matter, but i did manage to get enough to share!  just know, that really is me behind the camera and a quick glimpse of me through jay's shades.  thanks again  philip and family for the invite- we had so much fun!

May 12, 2012

jay's jeans

reason #927 why i love my husband?  he doesn't care if i borrow his clothes.

i have always had an affinity for men's clothing on women and an affinity for the women who pull it off effortlessly.  now that the days of living with the big sister and best friends have come and gone, i don't have the girly closets to raid anymore - which is fine because i have already spotted out a few key pieces from jay's wardrobe that will make do; like his jeans. 

May 09, 2012

a life at sea

jay and i have been looking at getting a new car lately as our current one is...welll, ehhh...not in the best shape.  jay likes to send links to cars that would be dreams, absolute dreams, but totally unrealistic.  as much as i would love to think it would be possible for us to pay for repairs on a 1962 aston martin, it's just not.

so today, he sends me this. is it crazy that for a minute there i fell in love with the idea?  then remembered i get motion sickness by simply looking over my shoulder, so maybe a life at sea is not in the books for us.  

a life by the sea though?  totally doable! 

image via here

on another note... still looking for a car.  i typically stick to the cheap repair options like honda, toyota and kia, but sort of loving the nissan rogue.  anyone know what repair costs are like on one of those??

May 08, 2012

happy {belated} one year laav!

{photo via this post with a few new edits to celebrate the occasion!}

i can't believe i missed the one year anniversary of my blog!  and by a week- eek!

it feels like such a long time ago that i walked in to the kitchen and confessed to jay i wanted to start a blog.  a blog called love as a verb that would only be dedicated to the happiest moments of my life.  to which i think he said "cool, you should!"  

this past year documenting the wonderful parts in life has truly been a blessing.  i am so happy i started this little blog of mine and so happy to see how it has evolved in such a short year!  i know i have swooned with thanks before, but really thanks again to everyone who has commented, complimented, or just shared in on what it is i'm trying to do with this blog.  it means so much to me i can't even begin to express!  

over the holidays i was gushing over how much fun i was having with it and how much i've learned {seriously folks, html coding- you can google anything!}, the big sis suggested we go through every post i had thus far, which made me so excited to share- again!

i have even gotten to meet new people {talking to you rewinders!} or shared interests with existing friends {check out the blog roll on the right!}...really it has just been amazing!

you can check out my first post here!  

for a few of my favorite posts from the year you can go 
{there was a lot!}

here's to another year ahead!

May 06, 2012

the rewind button :: london calling

i'll admit this album has always held a bit of contention for me.  not because i don't like the clash, i do, i love them! but because classifying this album strictly as "punk" has just never sat well with me.  i've never seen it as strictly punk in the sense there are a massive amount of true punk bands like the sex pistols, ramones, dead kennedys, dropkick murpheys...just to name a few... who are punk.

where i have adored the clash, specifically with london calling, is that they define punk music's history so effortlessly.  there is absolute ska and reggae sounds in this album; for sure rock and rockabilly; all of which lead up to punk's evolution.

on another level i think this album is also glorified for taking a politically charged type of music and making  it main stream. in short, my contention lies more with me personally and my battle to say yes this is punk and no it's more, but on a less selfish note, you can't deny this album's amazing ability to mix all types of those sounds and merge it into one constant and concise stream of music., who hasn't wanted to mimic the album cover?

my tip for you: 
*listen to this album followed by anything from the sex pistols and operation ivy to love it more
*check out my bestie's newest project HaSkaLA

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photos from the phone :: april

May 01, 2012

the rewind button :: exile on main street

lets just call it like it is- late. again.  i am starting to like my tardiness on this project though because i find myself  reading all other bloggers reviews as i listen to the album a second time in a few short days.

this was the album i thought would be a breeze.  everyone likes the stones right?  wrong!  after reading a few other bloggers reviews many have admitted their dislike or neutral take to the rolling stones.  and so the glory of different opinions towards albums finally shows itself {well for me at least}.  i have had a pretty similar disposition so far during this project as the other bloggers.  but now, now i strongly stand as one of the few  of us who love love love this album!

 am i more of a die hard stones fan then i originally thought?

if someone had told me they didn't like the rolling stones, i would immediately grab this album as evidence of why they should love them!  this is an album that has a rock type of romantic soul!  a rock album that is gritty and raw and all sorts of rock-wonderful. it is smooth and sexy and oh, all sorts of rock-wonderful!  

to me, this is a summer album.  one i would rather listen to on a warm summer night then an afternoon outside.  one that makes me want to dance around barefoot in my kitchen cooking.  it's an album i have listened to so many times on warmer days i can almost feel warmth on my shoulders. apparently i am more of a die hard stones fan then i originally thought.

proof of why this project is awesome:  at first i felt insulted there were so many "meh"'s with this album and then quickly realized this is exactly what is so great about this blogging project!  music is subjective and it's nice to read such honest opinions- no matter how hard it may hurt my rolling stones fanatic love.

my tip for you: 
*listen to this album on a balmy evening with the windows open

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a bit of our weekend

i hope everyone had a great weekend!  last weekend we were busy with birthday festivities for four different people!  luckily, they were all family so we celebrated all in one spot!

here are two videos taken from the weekend!  the first is the brother-in-law getting all of roger's stadium to sing happy birthday to him {well, almost all of roger's stadium}.  the second is my baby niece being taught by her uncles and auntie to say complicated hockey player names while singing happy birthday to herself.