March 25, 2013

sunday at kensington

we took a little afternoon trip to kensington market yesterday to catch up with friends, bump in to other friends, stock up on fresh fruits and veggies and discover the best bagel that ever was! it was a pretty packed afternoon but great to get out and feel the sun on our faces. plus we got to catch up with a friend of mine {also mama of the cute babe below} and see two other friends who recently got engaged!

kensignton is great because it is such an eclectic little spot in the city where you can find some pretty amazing vintage finds, great produce like the photo above and specialty goods like lizano- our fav salsa from costa rica. not to mention is has some pretty stellar restaurants, one of which we hadn't been to in a long time. you can read all about that spot here.

i also have to thank our recently engaged friends {kelly & carlos} for introducing me to nu bugel. and at the same time not thanking them because since eating one of those bagels i can't stop thinking about them. i seriously want one right now.

hope you had a great sunday too!

March 03, 2013

baby bump

we have officially switched from the constant bloated look to a full on baby bump!

i love everything about this bump. everything! beside feeling the most comfortable i have ever felt in my own skin, the best part is this daily giddy feeling i get about this little babe. a few weeks back jay and i recorded the heart beat at the doctor's office and that eight second clip has pretty much become a daily listen around these parts. 

just five months left little one, not long now!

since announcing the news we have had so many lovely notes and parenting conversations. i can't say enough how blessed i feel that boleslaw is loved so much already. i hope, i really hope, the babe continues to know, and feel, this love and support for the rest of its life to come. just having boleslaw know that one day would make this mama really happy.