January 09, 2015

let's catch up!

hi there!
 where have you been? 

okay but really, where have i been is more like it? absent...vacant...yes. i've been pretty MIA for no particular reason and when i looked back at my last post i couldn't believe it was in september! have i seriously not blogged since then? eek! before i get back on the blogging trail i thought i would take this post to catch up. a lot has happened since little mila turned one. she basically went from baby to toddler in one sleep. i swear she noticeably grows in a blink.

i went back to work at the end of august! i found the process to be somewhat of an emotional roller coaster where some days i couldn't wait to jump in and share my creativity again; and then there were days when i couldn't even get in the mindset, was so nervous, felt displaced and really timid about knowing anything outside of feeding and nap schedules. eventually i settled on not settling on any emotion and to just ride it out because there was no accurate way to feel about any of it. i plan to have a more official blog post on the matter but after a few months in the "new normal" this life feels pretty standard now. not only do i like being back but i love seeing mila in her school setting. her little individual is budding more and more every day and it's fun to see how she forms relationships with other kids and teachers on her own.

we celebrated a lot! the end of the year is always my favourite time because it's when the importance of family and friends is heightened a bit more then usual and i have always get reflective on the past year while feeling excited about the year to come. there is also jay's birthday and my favourite holidays in the mix. i'll admit i feel like i failed on this year's costumes for halloween. we went as three blind mice but everyone thought we were mickey mouse. must rectify for 2015!

this handsome guys and i snuck out for an anniversary date night to a movie theatre in our 'kind of new' hood. it was the sweetest two screen theatre that reminded me so much of northern california. it was really great to spend time with just the two of us too. those days come at a premium now so even if we are sitting silent next to each other in the theatre the post movie synopsis' we talk about always makes for a perfect date.

m and i flew out to colorado to surprise my mom before christmas. it was a really special trip because it was also the first time i got to meet my new baby niece and mila got to meet her new cousin- plus my mom's reaction when she saw us was priceless. i grew up with this side of our family and to reconnect with everyone, meet new babies and hug my grandma is just about the most wonderful way to end a year if you ask me. it's amazing how even after being removed for so long i can still come back and feel right at home there.

we experienced our first 'real' baby fever which ended us in the ER and a diagnosis of a double ear infection and upper respiratory viral infection. everything has worked itself out just fine, another three ear infections have come gone and we are currently battling a double ear infection now upping our count to five. i recently recovered from bronchitis so our house has been no stranger to antibiotics, rest and disney movies.

last but not least, in case any of you remember, i gave up chocolate for a year last valentines day and have stuck with it! more on that to come as well but for now, it's just a little update and i'm pretty proud for sticking to it!

hope you all had an amazing holiday season and happy 2015!