June 28, 2013

a surprise baby shower

a few weeks back i was surprised with the most amazing baby shower! and on a tuesday too! i think weekday surprises are key because no one would ever expect a celebration mid-week. i knew a surprise shower was in the works because that is just how jay's family rolls, but when, where and to what caliber...clueless. 

we originally went up to jay's mom & dad's for what i thought would be a birthday celebration for jay's two sisters and our youngest niece who just turned three. was it the rented cotton candy machine upon arrival that tipped me off? nope. what about the street filled with cars. also nope. seriously i can be so dense sometimes. what did tip me off was the front door fully decked out to be what looked like a vintage circus tent (i mean floor to ceiling!), little circus flags that lined the walkway saying "baby doerksen" and "admit one", and a room full of familiar faces just staring at me until i clued in. then when i saw my mom and sister standing there smiling after just having flown in that day i just about burst! 

lucky for me jay was taking photos and video the entire time so when i got home i got to let the evening sink in. even more lucky for me are the family and friends we have that pulled this all off! from broken peanut shells on the ground, to hand decorated cookies and cake (honestly, hand done by jay's super talented sisters), the hand sewn tent fabric (by jay's super talented mom- sensing a theme here?) to my friends who avoided me all day/week and made the trip out of the city on a tuesday night via train, or video messaged in from korea, to my colorado family who travelled up that morning hauling beautiful gifts from my aunts and grandmother....seriously the above doesn't even crack the surface of how amazing this shower was.

i can't say enough how fortunate i feel to be bringing boleslaw into a mix of wonderful people like this. again, this is one lucky baby with one very grateful mama.

thanks again to all of you who came and contributed, we will never forget that night!