June 25, 2011

comedy of errors

in just a few hours i get to pick up this guy from the airport and i couldn't be more excited!!  i mean really, look at that face, who wouldn't right?  after being gone for a week fly fishing far, far away, i imagine this is exactly how he looked during the week except with a lake and fishing rod included; and probably a bit more facial hair too! 

i wish i could say our house has been quite and peaceful these past seven days, but bruce and harvey have been doing a pretty good job at running a muck around here with nightly tag games and morning hide and seek.  i love these cute little kitties!

all in all, as much as i had been looking forward to a week alone, this week turned out to be quiet the show.  from clumsy days at work to spoiled dinners, sounding smoke alarms from burnt cookies and spooky movies i should never watch by myself {only because i check the closet eight times before going to bed}, i almost wish i had someone to share in this week of comedy!

so, t minus nine hours and counting until i can have someone to laugh with me {okay, maybe at me} about each clumsy mistake i make and i cannot wait!

June 21, 2011

missing lunch date...

jay is gone for a week!  one whole week!  
normally i look forward to the time alone so i can eat ice cream as much as i want without anyone looking and watch as many trashy t.v. shows as possible (yes, i like the joan rivers show, you know you like it too).  normally it takes a few days for me to get over the alone time to want him back but for the first time, i started missing jay so much only a few minutes into him actually leaving.  

...ugh, hurry home!  

i want to go on lunch dates to craft burger with you again.


June 13, 2011

chewy & laura get married: in photos!

a night of picture posing, silly dancing and a pant ripping!


*     *     *

June 12, 2011

chewy & laura get married!

.   .   .
i am a huge fan of weddings.  obviously for the love attribute of two people inviting all the ones they care about to witness a public commitment to each other, but also because the vibe of weddings are always so positive and lovely.  they truly are the only time that a group of people who have never met, occasionally met, or known forever, mingle together over the two people who brought them there in the first place.

yesterday we got to be a part of our friends chewy (tyler) and laura's wedding at the gladestone hotel with an amazing group of people.  regretfully my camera was not capturing the best photos {okay, i was not capturing the best photos}, so for now, here is one of the beautiful love birds and a promise of more photos from the evening to follow soon!

thanks agian chewy and laura, you're day was beautiful!

June 07, 2011

backyard dinner date

with him & me....

June 06, 2011

sweet sunday

now that the sun is finally out in full force, jay and i have discovered a lot more fantastic little stores and shops in our neighborhood including this fancy place right up the street from us!

for months i would walk by to see what was going on behind the half way closed curtains with vintage furniture and fondant cake creations in the back.  i thought it would be another boutique cupcake shoppe, which would have been fantastic too, but turns out it is an ice cream sandwich shoppe, which is way better! 

.     .     .

another plus for toronto!