January 28, 2013


all of the sudden i feel like i am living back in denver. we woke up with snow, snow and more snow all to have it turn to complete slush by the afternoon. come on canada, shouldn't we be buried in cm upon cm of snow by now? plus my daily lug of purse and computer has been joined by winter boots, umbrella, gloves and hat for, ya know? whatever is happening outside. and with the flux in weather comes sneeze after sneeze but only after i just took a gulp of tea or a bite of food. gross? yes. annoying? sure is! it is also slightly embarrassing from time to time too, whose kidding who.

when i first moved to toronto it was the dead of winter. no sun. no sun for a month! i remember thinking there is no way any all of the snow would melt before summer started, there was just no way! i also maybe cried twice because of the weather too. don't worry, i've bucked up since. but now i really like winter...

...as long as it is consistent and the power never goes out.  

January 19, 2013

a thought or two...or three...or four.

our year is well underway and i've been fortunate to be able to reconnect with home over the past few weeks. feeling fully connected with friends and family is luxury i don't really get over december only because i work for consumer practice where let's face it, christmas is pretty much the be all end all. 

 it's amazing how far away you feel working all day everyday, even if you are working from home at night or on the weekends. i have this constant feeling of being "left out" even though i am right there. i also feel fully distracted by the cats, a sore neck on the couch, a bed just on the other side of a wall...things like that. but mostly i hate feeling like i haven't seen jay in forever! 

on the flip side of the "all i want to do is go home and hug my husband" feeling, there are eleven months of the year when i think, i am so lucky to work where i do. for someone who had no direction, no friends, and not a clue of how i was going to make my life work in toronto after leaving such an amazing life in L.A...i feel incredibly fortunate for this wonderful life i seem to have stumbled upon. sure it hasn't always been the easiest road and i yes i have taken as many opportunities to better our life here as i possibly could, but every crazy busy, tough, or tiresome day there is, there is not a day where i think, ugh this needs to change! 

and for that, i will always feel forever grateful. 

January 14, 2013


this is my first edition to a new series i'm starting called sunday. i chose that day because they are typically the day i decided to dedicate to just a few things: sleeping in, jay, big comfy socks and breakfast burritos. sometimes there is the odd brunch catch up with friends, or nightly hang out with family but for the most part the four things about are pretty much mandatory around here. sunday has always been a special day for me and i think...i think...it's because back in the day it used to be the cheapest day for long distance phone calls . remember that? it always made me super excited for conversations with out of towners. silly? totally! but there is something about sunday were i feel like i can reconnect with the people i love the most. even the fuzzy faced ones like the one above.

this sunday was a quite one with not much to do, and at the same time lots to do. so i guess it was just filled with tasks i didn't really want to do. like laundry. and dishes. which let's face it sometimes it feels really good to not do those things, at least for one day. come monday it may be a different story. but for sunday, especially this sunday, it was totally fine by me! and yes, breakfast burritos were had in big cozy socks with jay after a much needed sleep in.

a lazy first sunday post. a lazy sunday indeed! 

January 08, 2013

photos from the phone

...over the past few months!

January 07, 2013

oh, hey 2013!

image via here

i get that this picture is a bit misleading, or maybe a lot misleading, but it's one of my new favourite finds on pinterest and i sort of love it. i also sort of want my 2013 to be filled with this kind of genuine excitement and laughter all year long. possible? i hope!

december usually speeds right by me as it is all hands on deck at work. really, september to december usually play out this way, but 2012 was here...and then gone, just like that! it wasn't until i started taking a trip down memory lane here on the blog that i realized how totally vacant i have been. eek! sorry about that! i do promise to come back and with more stable pieces that i can commit to on a regular basis. i have already thought of a few new series but one that starts this week is called sunday. it's a little way for me to constantly stay active with posts and hopefully share a little fun, excitement and lazy home days with you in list, picture or video! i have a few more in the back of my head but currently trying to convince the husband to do it with me, so won't announce until it is fully finalized.

i hope you all had an amazing start to this new year! thank you so much for reading and sharing along with me over the past year. i seem to be meeting new people here and there because of this blog and feel super blessed that you take the time to stop by!

thank you very much and happy 2013!