April 27, 2012

happy weekend!

we have a lot on the go over the next two days but still plan to make time here and there for the little lovely moments before all the fun begins!

April 24, 2012

reliving immigration

recently i applied for my canadian citizenship which meant pulling out all of my permanent residency info for reference.  it was crazy to relive all the paperwork we had to fill out, the "are we doing this right?" questions, the long waiting period and "when can we see each other next?"  top that off with us planning a wedding and i feel like that entire year was spent signing our names on the dotted line.

seeing all of this again made me so happy about my decision to move.  initially  the move wasn't so easy as i only had jay to rely on- which wasn't fair to him but he handled it so well!  i can still feel that angst of feeling like i was in limbo where i spent an entire year just waiting...waiting for a tiny piece of paper that would give us the legal go ahead to physically begin our lives together.  i still remember crying so many tears of relief when i finally got my visa. that year was the ultimate year of change.  even through rough times of that year and the rough times when i first moved to toronto, i wouldn't change a thing. this is still exactly where i would want to be.

here are a few photos and notes i found while sifting through it all

wish me luck on a speedy citizenship process!

April 23, 2012

the rewind button :: what's going on

i was so excited for this album.  so excited!! while i am familiar with a few of the songs from the album i have not {this is hard to admit openly} listened to the album in it's entirety.  


don't you just want to love everything about marvin gaye?  his voice, his political standing, his groove and soul. i know i do, at least i know i did.  what i am about to say is as hard to say as i'm sure it is for some to hear.  i barley made it through this album.  wait a sec though, i wanted to!  so badly did i want, which was the only reinforcement i had to finish.  

marvin gaye can do no wrong in my eyes, despite my lack of connection to this album.  i think i was ready for something else, something more spectacular, not just the really amazing song that comes here and there.  i was ready for a full set of "whoa rachel, why has it taken you this long to listen to this album?"  instead i got "whoa rachel did you really just skip a song titled save the children?"  and i did!  twice....oh shame.

i feel like i have a lot of you out there just shaking your head at me, at that i'm sorry, i am so so sorry! i tried, really i did.

my tip for you: 
*love this album for it's message, it is so much more impactful
*keep to the tops: what's going on, mercy mercy and inner city blues

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April 13, 2012

happy birthday lindsay!!

today is my big sister's 30th birthday!  oh my oh my!!  here is a little video just for her!

love you pretty sister!  happy birthday to you!!

April 12, 2012

the rewind button :: rubber soul

oh rubber soul, oh how i love thee. 

this album is all over the place- but in the best of ways!  i have always thought how funny it was that this album is wedged between revolver and sgt. pepper's in the beatles anthology.  if you took every song of this album and listened to it one by one you'll see there is a bit of early folk, early pop, a little blues and again, that freak'n sitar!  it works though.  

i find myself wondering if i think it works because i know the beatles music as a larger scope of work rather then remembering each album and their specific release date.  not sure, but would love the hear your thoughts if you remember the release of rubber soul!  was it satisfying? 

though this album isn't my favorite beatles album, it does have some of my favorite songs.  i wont bring you back to my last gushing post, but there may or may not be another fond wedding song taken from this album.  okay fine, i'll tell you!  it was in my life, so great naturally and in instrumental! 

hmmm, what else to say about this album?  its the beatles.  what else can i say that i haven't already?

my tip for you: 
*connect with the unconventionally popular songs on this album

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on a brighter note

today, i grabbed all the girls at work with spicy pants and made them take a photo!

thanks ladies!

April 10, 2012

the rewind button :: highway 61 revisited

i'll admit it, i'm a dylan lover.  i'm a folk lover.  a blues and blue grass lover.  i hear a harmonica and instantly my foot starts tapping and all i want to do is dance around in circles.

it's no wonder that this is one of his most acclaimed albums.  aside from his political reputation in the early 60's, i have always loved the raw music dylan creates.  every song is it exactly how i would imagine it to be if he were playing live.  there is something so poetic about his music i have always been attracted to.  personally, i could listen to this album at anytime of day, anywhere, doing anything.  this has been my chosen album on a number of road trips, a number of patio lounging afternoons and a number of weekend cleaning hours.  in fact, this was what i listened to on this day.

of course like a rolling stone gets the majority of credit from this album but my favorite song without a doubt is queen jane approximately- which i have recently read is considered the worst song apparently.  ah, to each there own right?  aside from the beat of queen jane approximately, this song always made me think if dylan writing about himself, but as a woman.  it could be a stretch, but have a listen, you might find a lot of similarities you didn't find before! 

my tip for you: 
*sing along with a puckered face while tapping your feet to the beat
*ask yourself, would you have pegged bob dylan to wear the jacket he is wearing on the cover?  i think not.

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April 05, 2012

an afternoon at one of a kind

last sunday my friend noor and i headed over to the one of the kind show to see elly and her awesome collection of creatively designed hoodies.  this was my first one of a kind show and after hearing so much about them i can say, the hype is justified.  

having grown up in a small town, trade shows usually consisted of a lot of wood carved lawn sculptures, quilts {that i am a sucker for}, and doilies attached to, well anything.  this was totally different!  really great food, really great art, really well thought out creative products. 

i personally fell in love with a red headband and vintage books turned journals.  noor liked the non-spicy food and a super pretty hand made leather bag.  we both liked the fish hats.