July 29, 2012

a roomie reunion

life lately has been non-stop! this "here, there, everywhere" lifestyle won't be slowing down any time soon either.  which is good right?  right!  recently i headed down to the states to visit my best friend and ex room mate from LA for her 28th birthday!  the cherry on top was we also got to meet up with another ex roomie of ours for one big birthday/ roomie reunion in central park!

birthdays used to be what darby and i did best and while we couldn't go all the way gangbusters on this birthday, we still ended up making every minute of the day count- and with joey there too, wine and cupcakes in the park couldn't have been better.

it's funny how quick time flies by, and how our years of living together seems so far away.  it has been 6 years after all!  and while the three of us have had our own lives, new paths, and new memories along the way, seeing these two faces, especially together, still makes me so happy!

July 19, 2012

a bit of last weekend...

last weekend our friends (who are getting married in november!) invited us to their family cottage for a few days of sunshine, horseshoes and singing on the lake!  
it took me awhile to post these pictures because really, there are just so many i love!  below are some of the scene and company from a great weekend!

July 12, 2012

edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros :: every part of you

every now and then i search for music to fall in love with and just can't seem to stop playing a song over and over until i basically can't take it anymore!  it's a ridiculous cycle but i do it all to frequently.  here is one song i can't seem to get enough of, which is all to familiar when home was released too.

oh edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros....how you make me dream of starting a runaway band....