June 30, 2012


we spent the entire day paint, paint, painting and plan to spend the last two days of a long weekend just kick'n back!  hopefully sun and water are in our future, maybe a little sight seeing too!  one thing is for sure - sleep is absolutely in order!  oh, and wine too!!  

the verdict is still out on our colour choice, seeing as it is a bit different then the colour we thought we were getting.  for now, another 12 hour paint day is not top of mind.  here's to hoping it grows on me!

have a great weekend!

June 27, 2012

wish to wear in...

1. madewell ::: 2. jcrew 
3. stella & dot ::: 4. zara
5. gelato of any kind!

along with skimming through tourist books for our europe trip, i just can't help but dream of what to wear in each city every day we are there!  while i can't purchase, uhhh, anything right now, above are a few pieces to dream about in the meantime! 

other cities wish to wear will follow! 

June 24, 2012

life lately according to the books i keep

in no particular order...
this pretty much sums it up!
thanks conroy family & nicole for all the helpful books!

June 14, 2012

two dandy photos

a few weeks back i surprised jay with tickets to see the dandy warhols.  it was the first concert we had seen in awhile and my first time seeing the dandys live!   

while i'm a fan of their music, jay for sure is the bigger fan between the two of us and it was awesome to take him to see a band he loves and hear his little whispers from behind me telling me what album that song was off of, or how i should stand closer to get a better view- seriously i love that man of mine! 

we tried snapping a few photos before the dandy came on, but seeing as it was a bit too dark, we decided to photo flash bomb each other instead.  pretty sure that made the people around us who were into the crappy opening band not too happy with us.  ah well!


June 05, 2012

a new car!!

tonight we finally got to pick up our new car and it went a little something like this...

Untitled from Rachel Doerksen on Vimeo.

June 04, 2012

the rewind button :: catch up sessions

i am pretty far behind in my reviews for the rewind project so i thought i would but three out in one post and only providing my tips for each album!

in short all three of these albums are well worth a listen.  blonde on blonde has always be highly regarded but its never been my personal favorite in dylan's line up.  highway 61 revisited wins my love for dylan!  the white album needs no introduction or review for that matter.  in my opinion that album is to my music collection what salt is at a dinner table: mandatory.  elvis's sun sessions are well, just amazing!

my tips for you with each album:

bob dylan :: blonde on blonde
*wonder why bob couldn't put as much artistic direction in to his album covers as he does in his lyrics

the beatles :: white album
*listen to this album on a weekend in the sun
**my favs: blackbird & ob-la-di ob-la-da
**jay's fav: helter skelter

elvis presley :: sun sessions
*dance around to this album on a summer night with wine

for other great blogger takes on these albums you can go:
next up:

a street for him + me

last week jay and i were walking home when we spotted a prime opportunity to make our street ours forever!

with a fresh patch of wet cement, a stick, and a few quick seconds before the construction workers knew what we were doing, we dedicated a corner of a sidewalk to us.  happy to say, the construction workers never caught on and him & i have an official branded part of our street from now until forever!

...or at least until they decide to redo the sidewalks again.