October 26, 2011

CBE pop-up shop opening party in photos!

so many lovely things to see!
1052 Queen St. West


October 23, 2011

CBE pop-up shop opening party

this past saturday we headed over to see our friend, elly green and the brand new pop-up shop at 1052 queen st. w!   she just opened it with a few other super creative local artists and merchants all contributing their own personal lines and collections. elly is the mastermind behind  CBE {clothing brand experiment} , a collection of hoodies and recently added, dog hoodies {adorable} that go beyond the average zip-up in design, structure and coze-factor.  seriously, cozy!

elly's idea behind CBE is fantastic because everything she creates is completely made in toronto.  that's right, desined, milled, produced, everything!  even the hang-tags are made locally!  of course she sells in a bunch of different markets but every thought and piece starts right here from home.  she has even started a CBE community initiative to give back!  you can read all about it here!

i was lucky enough to get the chance to help out with her 10/11 winter line a year back which was a blast! admittedly, it took forever because i couldn't take myself seriously but hey, we made it through! you can watch the video below and  lust over the classic styles! 

i will be posting more pictures of the pop-up shop soon but in the meantime if you are around the queen/dovercout area stop in and see it for yourself!  trust me when i say it is worth it to stop by and check out the collection. if you can, stop by and have a chat with elly too!  you will feel inspired hearing her talk about CBE, her idea behind it and her direction with it.  not only that, but you'll just have a really awesome time hanging out with her!

tip: she is easily persuaded by beer and pizza!

October 16, 2011

goodbye to the first apartment we had together

3 years and a lot of memories!
goodbye first 'married' apartment, we will miss you!

home! a new home!

hot off the heels of the big sister's wedding came the longest move ever!  i dream of the day when i get to finish my book with tea on the couch.  until then, there are a lot of boxes to unpack, purging to be done and an ikea trip or two to be had. 

it was a hard move to swallow, being the place we left was the first apartment we ever had together; but this new place is pretty fantastic!  pretty vintage ceilings, better hardwood floors, more storage, bigger kitchen, and the best new addition, a private balcony! 

here are a few photos of the first coffee in our new place before the BIG move began.

{home sweet sweet home}

October 08, 2011

video of ross and lindsay's wedding ceremony

for those who were waiting downstairs a week ago today
or recently read this past post about the big sisters wedding
here is a video jay shot of the linday & ross' ceremony

 {yes, the bride approved of this post!}

to keep with the natural emotion of the night i decided to keep the video raw with no edits or cuts.
happy one week anniversary mr. & mrs. martin!

October 05, 2011

more pictures to come i promise!!

October 04, 2011

big sister gets married

last saturday was the highlight of my year to date.  of course i knew it would be wonderful but the run of events from the big sisters wedding proved to be more than ordinary.  the night played out as an unexpected show of true, genuine love  and emotion by not just my now brother in law, but by all the family and friends who attended.

what happened?  my sister, who anxiously waited for last saturday was hit by not just one but multiple panic attacks that lasted hours leading up to the time she was supposed to walk down the aisle.  anxiety attacks are not uncommon for her but none have been as crippling as those.  as time came closer to the ceremony, worrying thoughts of ruining the day for ross {and her} seemed to drown any potential avenue of her escaping those feelings.  needless to say the ceremony was pushed back a half an hour, then an hour, then an hour and a half.  family members that are doctors and nurses came to the room to monitor and calm her while other people respected her privacy.  bridesmaids played messenger from the bridal suite door to the guests downstairs while groomsmen kept waiting guests entertained.  i became spokesperson for my big sister and messenger to my soon to be brother in law.  

eventually, big sister was able to muster up enough energy to get in the dress and one at a time came an earring, then another, then a necklace and a bouquet. she slowly walked out to the hallway sitting on a bench outside the room, trying to breath and not to cry.  that's when we realized, and she admitted, she would not be able to walk down the aisle.

we called ross to have him come upstairs so they could decide how they wanted the next few hours to play out.  when we heard him come off the elevators the bridesmaids and i formed a half circle around the big sister so the two of them could still experience the unveiling of seeing each other.  when ross saw lindsay he started to cry, which of course made lindsay cry, then me, then others.  my dad came off the elevator and seeing lindsay hunched over on the bench outside of her room he told her "i carried you home from the hospital when you were born, i'll carry you down the aisle if i have too"

que more water works.

at that point both ross and lindsay decided to have a private ceremony upstairs moving from the bench to the window by the elevators.  everyone scattered to make sure immediate family were there while i announced to the seated guests what was about to happen.  i grabbed the husband and hurried off to the 12th floor to witness what was the best wedding i have not only been a part of, but have ever been too.

one shortened ceremony and two i do's later the hurry of the day was erased by ross holding lindsay through the hallway by the elevators and the excitement that this actually happened, not as expected, but better, honest and genuine. 

seriously, best wedding ever.