May 01, 2011

great beginings

for months i have wanted to create this blog and excited that i am finally taking this cloudy day to do it!  to kick it off i am keeping with with the l.a.a.v. theme by featuring the people who hold the biggest spots in my heart (and who will probably show up more times then not on the this blog) .  i welcome guest bloggers to the site, sharing what makes you the happiest be it Friends and family, gelato, or clouds in the shape of animals, share it!
. . .
to start: handsome.
handsome man, love of my life, and the jay to our jaychel.  i am by far the luckiest girl for meeting someone who has the biggest heart, is the funniest person to be around, and cooks the best breakfast in the world (like the egg, cheese, onion scramble we just had in bed- he brought me coffee too.)

. . .

big sister
easily one of the most beautiful people in the world both in heart and in looks.  oh, and she is funnier then all get out too.

. . .

my mom.  the most vibrant person i know.  i have learned a lot for her perseverance and youthful spirit.  

my dad.  world traveler and dashing extraordinaire.

. . .

the bestie
beautiful lady and number one optimist, if only L.A. and toronto were right across the street.

. . .

(sorry for the wedding photos, it's the best time to get people into groups)

there are a lot of them and i love them all.

i promise much more to come, but for now this is a small teaser or what i hope to be the start of something amazing.  

love. R

. . .  

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