June 12, 2011

chewy & laura get married!

.   .   .
i am a huge fan of weddings.  obviously for the love attribute of two people inviting all the ones they care about to witness a public commitment to each other, but also because the vibe of weddings are always so positive and lovely.  they truly are the only time that a group of people who have never met, occasionally met, or known forever, mingle together over the two people who brought them there in the first place.

yesterday we got to be a part of our friends chewy (tyler) and laura's wedding at the gladestone hotel with an amazing group of people.  regretfully my camera was not capturing the best photos {okay, i was not capturing the best photos}, so for now, here is one of the beautiful love birds and a promise of more photos from the evening to follow soon!

thanks agian chewy and laura, you're day was beautiful!

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