August 29, 2011

colorado weekend

this weekend i flew out to good ol' colorado for a whirl wind wedding planning weekend with the big sister and some much needed time with the fam.  

there are so many things i say about why i would never move back to colorado, but really, to have family {and a fantastic one at that!} close by makes me think, maybe this pretty state with a fantastic view isn't so bad after all.  yes, i think the art and culture could use a little step up but there really is something about laughing with my mom and sister, being entertained by the giant, and snagging as many hugs from my grandma as i possibly can.

maybe its just getting older and realizing there is more in life than just that cool cheese shop down the street {which i still have not been to}.  

we wont be moving from toronto any time soon, after all, we have a beautiful family there too.  i just wish i could grab everyone and be with them all in one spot.  

wishful thinking i know, but a girl can hope right?

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