November 14, 2011

too soon? no? okay good!

christmas has arrived!  ...sort of.

though it will be a few weeks until we put up our decorations, it doesnt stop me from tearing through the box and pulling out everything like it's the first time i have ever seen it!

to be honest, i did actually forget about our new star for the tree (and maybe was the one pushing to get it last year...maybe.)  there is just something about picking out our tree and bringing it home.  something about our apartment that smells like pine for a month and the anxiety of all ornaments within cat's reach.  something about the last month of the year, celebrated every day that just feels like home, and i happen to love every minute of it!


{bruce was a big help, seriously!}

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  1. Great pictures Rachel! Your so cute, I always enjoy reading your blogs!!!