February 24, 2012

A little bit about me & my blog…

hey there! my name is rachel. i am wife to my husband jay and mama to our daughter mila. i grew up in both colorado and california, eventually making my way to canada permanently in 2008. no matter where i have lived i always seem to be blessed with beautiful friends and acquaintances along the way.  the company i surround myself with is something i greatly value now and always.

i started this blog for a few reasons. first, i thought it would be a fun creative way for me to document life as i go. i'm sort of sap for nostalgia so i hope one day i can look back and smile at all the wonderful times i shared.  the second reason i started this blog is because i began noticing so many negative pieces of news hitting the airways in almost every direction i turned.  not to say these messages aren't important, but i started to feel like the beautiful parts of life slowly started to escape mention.  i had wished there was one station, one outlet, one source that people could visit to hear about the beautiful things in life.   and after seeing many other blogs i love doing exactly that, i thought i could do it too.  so...

this is my small contribution.

i share only positive memories and moments on this blog in hopes that you will also spot the small, sweet and happy parts in life.  this does not mean i see my life as perfect or refuse to recognize the bad.  instead, this is my goal to highlight the wonderful so each year i can reflect on all the great times had.  i very much encourage guest bloggers who will share happiness in their lives; especially the happiness from day to day activities no matter how little it may seem.  if you are interested in guest blogging feel free to reach out via twitter or  email!

if you are interested in sponsorship opportunities i would be happy to partner up so feel free to reach out!

you will see many familiar faces along the way in each one of my posts.  these are family members and friends, ones i thank my lucky stars every day to be with and would be void to be without.  in the background you may also see two fuzzy faced cats we laugh at and cuddle with daily.  their names are bruce the destroyer and the high inquisitor harvey, but you can call them bruce & harvey.

i hope you enjoy all posts and pictures!  if you are looking for immediate gratification, i can be found right now via instagram. spoiler alert: there are A LOT of baby pictures.
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