February 01, 2012

an update

a lot has happened since my last post post about my mom.  there have been many questions, beautiful emails and people stopping to ask how she is doing, which i have been so appreciative of.  i do however feel like i repeat myself over and over adding "new news" to the end of each update.  so, here is the latest a greatest for all of you lovely people who care to know.  starting off:

no cancer!! 

she has been cleared of every type of cancer, and trust she was tested for all of them, seriously, all of them!  she has been back to the hospital since, but is out as of now and hopefully will stay out for a good long while.  she has gotten her driving privileges, which we are still not sure if that is a good thing...or bad thing. her original clots, the ones that started this winding journey, are still there.  the good news being is that  they seem to be shrinking.  so, fingers crossed, the blood thinner is starting to work.  her visits with the doctors continue as they look for an actual diagnoses.  there have been a few discoveries that could contribute, but nothing that would actually cause as many clots and as bad as she has them.  

in short, the journey continues, but we hope for the straight and optimistic road we seem to have stumbled upon.  for all of you who prayed or sent love our way, thank you.  thank you all so very much!  speaking on behalf of our family, we are all incredibly appreciative we were given information that did not transpire the way we planned but transpired the way we hoped instead.

below is one of my favorite pictures of my mom.  it shows her personality flawlessly, a personality  that is forever visible. yesterday, my mom turned 35 {wink} and though i said it through facebook, email, and by song on voice mail already, here it is one last time for 2012:

you are and forever will be a constant source of encouragement, humor, appreciation and love.

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