February 15, 2012

women moving women

last week i had the honour of attending a benefit for the canadian women's foundation hosted by my dear friend alicia {who also, just so happens to be the author of this lovely blog} alicia is by far one of the most genuinely beautiful people around.  i used to think it was her life's goal to share "light and love", but after getting to know her, i realized this is simply the person she is.  

recently, alicia started working with the cwf on their women moving women campaigncampaign designed to put an end to women's poverty in canada.  a big goal, i know, but they are going about it beautifully.  their vision is to bring 2,500 women {and men!} to donate $2500 over five years.  up front, its seems like a lot; but when you break it down, it unfolds to $42 a month.  with the communities involvement the cwf is able to fund basic survival needs (food, shelter, transportation, etc.) as well as economic development programs to help create a sustainable change for many struggling women.  in short, it is a campaign that will positively alter so many women's lives. you can read up on the organization here and all about this great initiative here.

i'm excited to see what will come about from alicia's involvement with the cwf.  
i am confident it will be nothing short of amazing! 

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