April 10, 2012

the rewind button :: highway 61 revisited

i'll admit it, i'm a dylan lover.  i'm a folk lover.  a blues and blue grass lover.  i hear a harmonica and instantly my foot starts tapping and all i want to do is dance around in circles.

it's no wonder that this is one of his most acclaimed albums.  aside from his political reputation in the early 60's, i have always loved the raw music dylan creates.  every song is it exactly how i would imagine it to be if he were playing live.  there is something so poetic about his music i have always been attracted to.  personally, i could listen to this album at anytime of day, anywhere, doing anything.  this has been my chosen album on a number of road trips, a number of patio lounging afternoons and a number of weekend cleaning hours.  in fact, this was what i listened to on this day.

of course like a rolling stone gets the majority of credit from this album but my favorite song without a doubt is queen jane approximately- which i have recently read is considered the worst song apparently.  ah, to each there own right?  aside from the beat of queen jane approximately, this song always made me think if dylan writing about himself, but as a woman.  it could be a stretch, but have a listen, you might find a lot of similarities you didn't find before! 

my tip for you: 
*sing along with a puckered face while tapping your feet to the beat
*ask yourself, would you have pegged bob dylan to wear the jacket he is wearing on the cover?  i think not.

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