August 14, 2012

a bachelorette for brooke

last weekend i jetted off to prince edward county for a few days full of bachelorette celebrations!  it was such a nice girls getaway and for a big group of girls spending an entire day tasting wine, i am surprised how sober we all stayed- really! 

brooke and i met a few years back and because of her i have gotten the chance to meet so many wonderful people here in toronto!  the company brooke keeps truly is something special and i have always felt really fortunate to know her.  come november, she will be getting married to one of jay and eric's friends, who happens to be one of the first friends of jay i had ever met in toronto {as in circa 2003}.  the bachelorette girls and i reminisced a little about it on saturday, but i personally still remember how smitten shandy was with brooke from the start! being one of the people who will see them exchange vows in just a few months makes me pretty happy.  it is one of many events this year i am super excited to be a part of!

there will be many many more pictures to come, and a bit more about which wineries we went to, but for now, here is a little cheers to brooke before she marries her love!

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