September 15, 2012

a wedding for pops

last tuesday my dad got married to his charming german love, ute.

while both the big sister and i have considered ute family for some time now, it was still really special to see the two tie the knot!  we "legally" welcomed her to the family in a super intimate wedding of about sixteen people from all different parts of the world.  their beautiful costa rican wedding had representation from europe, central america, and north america {a la the big sister, handsome and myself}.

the two have lived in coast rica for a number of years and decided to get married on the anniversary of when the met- which just so happens to be in the rainy season of costa rica.  at the end of the day, the brief bit of rain right before they exchanged vows only lended itself as the clouds rolled in around the venue which was set on top of a hill overlooking san jose- it was like they got married on top of a cloud.

::le sigh::

below are a few pictures from the day
congrats again dad y ute!
.:we love you so:.

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