September 22, 2012

postcard from paris

handsome and i are finally on vacation!  and a long vacation at that!

we are travelling for a little under three weeks to a few different countries in europe and i could not be more over the moon!  our first stop is the ever lovely paris... ohhh paris....

this is my first time in paris and i am head over heels- really!  i knew i would love this city before even stepping foot in it, but these past three days have made me think i never want to come back- ever!  i love it here, like a lot!  every street we turn down there is something new to swoon over.  first of all, children here dress, ummm easily 100% better then i do.  i love the smell of perfume, the sound of clicking heels on the cobble stone streets and the constant "bonjour!" and "bon soir!" from everyone we have met!

i will have a lot more to post later but for now
bonne nuit paris, je t'aime!

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