January 07, 2013

oh, hey 2013!

image via here

i get that this picture is a bit misleading, or maybe a lot misleading, but it's one of my new favourite finds on pinterest and i sort of love it. i also sort of want my 2013 to be filled with this kind of genuine excitement and laughter all year long. possible? i hope!

december usually speeds right by me as it is all hands on deck at work. really, september to december usually play out this way, but 2012 was here...and then gone, just like that! it wasn't until i started taking a trip down memory lane here on the blog that i realized how totally vacant i have been. eek! sorry about that! i do promise to come back and with more stable pieces that i can commit to on a regular basis. i have already thought of a few new series but one that starts this week is called sunday. it's a little way for me to constantly stay active with posts and hopefully share a little fun, excitement and lazy home days with you in list, picture or video! i have a few more in the back of my head but currently trying to convince the husband to do it with me, so won't announce until it is fully finalized.

i hope you all had an amazing start to this new year! thank you so much for reading and sharing along with me over the past year. i seem to be meeting new people here and there because of this blog and feel super blessed that you take the time to stop by!

thank you very much and happy 2013!

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