February 20, 2013

snow date.

the other night the most beautiful snow fell! it fell on a mound of hard, icy, leftover snow so with the fresh batch right on top it looked like a winter wonderland. typically i like to use these cold dreary nights to stay in and hibernate but handsome called me on his way home to ask if i wanted to go on a random nightly stroll in the snow, of course i said "ummmm...well, yeah...no yeah okay, let's go!"  

*my apprehension was only due to hot perogies and an episode of downton abbey freshly started. 

i'm happy i didn't give in to my inner lazy because i have always loved spontaneous outings like these with jay. no matter how big or how small they are, sometimes, they are just so necessary. plus with the babe on the way who knows how many moments like this we will get for awhile.   

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