July 11, 2013

a little note to no.1

we are 5 weeks out little one, 5 weeks out! i wish i could jot down every thought i’ve had about you, about being a mom, and about all the scenes that have played out in my head. it’s a lot believe me! there are ones that are appropriate for the time like the first time i’ll hold you or read to you or stay up all night worrying if you are getting everything you need. then there are other times i think about getting to introduce you to your brother or sister (because i’m that excited for our growing family) or how i hope i can help with homework (dad may be better at this, just say’n), or when you’ll meet the person you’ll spend the rest of your life with…this is where your dad tells me to maybe slow it down and take it one step at a time. fine.

…but really in two minutes all of these thoughts stir up again! so really, i just can’t wait to see you grow before us. of course, as your mom, i want a perfect path but knowing life is rarely perfect i’ve put together a little list of things i hope you achieve, i hope you always know, and hope you never forget.  so in no particular order, here you go:

i hope….
  • you have courage and use it not only for yourself, but for others as well. it’s amazing to give support to other’s especially coming from a close knit person or a complete stranger.
  • you know i’ll make mistakes, and dad will make mistakes, and you will make mistakes, but we are family regardless. despite any downfalls, we stick together, stay genuine and honest, and never shut the other one out.
  • you find love and cherish it. it’s a beautiful thing to nourish too so stay kind, stay strong, and stay honest with who you are.
  • you find joy and beauty in achievable things first. things like the people you surround yourself with  or a sunny day over the latest technology which is bound to become archaic and disinteresting a few years later.
  • you find and know happiness in yourself. there will be people or times that might break this down a bit but it’s up to you on how you want your life to play out. choose optimism first and i promise you won’t drown in pessimism. 
  • you see failure as a chance to overcome and not to be defeated.
  • you develop an opinion based on your own educated research and not just one other person's opinion.
  • you know at least three things that you love about yourself. these don’t have to be the same three things all the time and could change over time, just keep on to three great things about your life, your direction, and your world.
  • you try new things. things that make you feel fulfilled and things that break you from the norm.
  • you travel and see different cultures, hear different languages and realize there are so many different people in this world but so many similarities among us all.
  • you take a compliment to keep it; give a compliment and mean it.
  • you stick up for the underdog and have compassion for the boss. at the end of the day we are all people who have been or will be in each other’s shoes in one way or another.
  • you embarrass yourself and laugh it off. it’s liberating in its own way i promise.
  • you know you can get through it by yourself, with the help of others, or through the unexpected. you can overcome obstacles in life even if there seems to be no way out, there is, just find it.
  • you get back what you put in.
  • you never follow the crowd unless it’s towards the only exit out of the subway. in which case, follow the crowd.
  • you are fully present wherever you are or wherever you end up.
  • you run after an ice cream truck and encourage other people to do it too. i don’t really know why i want this for you but i do.
  • you feel like you can ask for help and encourage others to do the same. there is no way and no reason to know everything about everything, so don’t try. it takes the fun out of learning something new.

above all, know you have taught us a new type of love before we ever met you. 
we talk about and to you every single day, and honestly i can’t see that ending any time soon.

5 weeks and counting little one, 5 weeks and counting! 

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  1. I love this so very much! :)Great lessons for people of all ages!