December 17, 2013

that time she had really blonde hair, he rarely cut his hair and they both lived in L.A.

jay and i got m down with no fuss (no fuss!) the other night and took the free time to go through our photos from europe. we have been meaning to print some off for awhile now to hang in some gallery frames jay got me for our anniversary. right before we shut the computer down for the night we ended up finding a folder full of photos from the years we lived in los angeles. we met there so the city holds a special place in my heart. not to mention we have some really dear friends who still live there.

these photos brought back so many wonderful memories and made me miss our times together back then. though, i wouldn't trade what we have at this moment for the world, it's sweet to look back and remember what brought us to where we are. i will admit i desperately miss my ability to tan as well as i used to. but apparently my love for old man caps remains the same and i'm pretty happy about that.

{2006: new years eve at 26 beach restaurant in venice. i used to work there too!}

{2005: santa ynez wine country with the bestie and big sister. some photos from this trip may never be seen again}

{2005: ice skating in downtown. hence the short sleeves but i really tried to get the look with the scarf, can't you tell?}

{not sure the date here, i think 2004, but this is the cafe where we met! it's moved since but still around if you ever want to go. the talking stick, started by our friends rich and sheri. rich ended up marrying us and sheri was one of my bridesmaids}

{2005: at a petting zoo in a pumpkin patch. you can't see it but i am rocking a wool vest along with that cap and hideous bag}

 { 2005: the fourth of july fireworks with friends on the field of my college in santa monica. also one of my most favourite photos of us}

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