January 15, 2014

On mamahood :: month four

here we are, month four! this little lady is figuring out more and more each day and it's been pretty fun to watch her piece it all together. she is fully refusing sleep at all costs now. naps, bedtime...it doesn't matter. what happened to that awesome sleeper of ours?! no seriously what happened because the nine hour uninterrupted stretch was amazing. someone please tell me good sleep comes back. it does right? good.

 LAAV on mamahood pt. two at four months:
  • she rolled over! 
  • i've made myself sick and lightheaded doing stupid things to get her to laugh. even if it's just a giggle.
  • jay makes her laugh way more then I can. 
  • her hair is growing in except for that one bald spot on the back. that seems to be losing more hair. 
  • just when i think i have this parenting thing figured out,  i'm reminded i so totally do not. 
  • i love how everything is so new and exciting to her. 
  • those dreaded baby nail clippers...terrifying.  
  • not sure if she thinks we have two cats or just one super mysterious one. 
  • my arms are sore from lifting her up to see the the bins at the top of the refrigerator but her smile when i do it is so worth it. 
  • we can't wait to start traveling with her. can't wait!

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