April 29, 2014

on mamahood :: month seven

over the past few months i have been slowly sinking back into the mind frame that i will be heading back to work in a few months. it's a thought that i remain fairly reserved about because i can't balance the excitement of returning and the total sadness of being away from mila. the decision to be a working mom or a stay at home mom can't be an easy decision for any woman in my books. i have always been a worker bee. i am the type of person who thrives from multiple tasks, having a full plate and contributing to a team daily. lucky for me i have a job i love going to but boy will i miss spending full days with this little girl of ours. this time has been a dream and i will forever be thankful to have the opportunity to spend a full year, undivided, with this little one. i know not every parent is so lucky to have this time, in fact i think there are a great amount who are not able to, so i remind myself often of just how lucky i am.

LAAV on mamahood at seven months
  • we got accepted to daycare! hallelujah!
  • i get a little finger jab or toy to the eye more often then i want to admit.
  • "ah mo mo mo" "a gheeee" "ba ba ba woo"
  • she continues to peacefully protest tummy time.
  • she can't stand hearing yellow submarine or heartbreak hotel anymore. i don't blame her, i sang them a lot.
  • we traveled with her for the first time and it made me want to do it again and again, really!
  • she has been in a mommy phase for a chunk of this month and i sort of love it immensely. 
  • i have stroller tans on my hands (basically my knuckles are really tan and my arms are still winter white)
  • we enjoy any amount of sunshine available.
  • i'm starting to worry about sun protection and mosquito bites. seriously, what gives mama worry? tips please!
  • people mistake her for a boy from time to time. i still refuse to put her in super girly things.
  • jay and her have a secret daddy/daughter language that i can never be apart of. it consists of a cough, a grunt or a "gheeeee"
  • she has started to shake her head 'no'.
  • she points at what she wants. that little finger is so cute! until it whips me in the eye.
  • the thermostat and egg maracas are her new favourite things.
  • tickle spots: sides, under the arm pits and above the back of her knee. 
  • i have secretly (and not so secretly) cried about how much i love this little family of mine.  

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