July 30, 2014

on mamahood :: month 10

it's funny how every month i think "this is my favourite month!" with mila. i guess it's just fair to say that i really enjoy having this little lady in our lives. month ten has been incredible though! she engages more and seems to be learning at a faster pace. she has these little personality traits that are all her own and every day it seems like she is growing more and more into her own little self. it really has been the best to spend every day seeing her grow and change. i swear it happens so fast!

on a personal note, i know i have openly talked about my mixed emotions about going back to work. selfishly, i am very excited to get back to it, really. but mom guilt always seemed to creep right in there making me think the worse about daycare and the worse about leaving her. over the past few weeks, my thoughts on it have really changed. we had family come and visit a few weeks back and i was pretty much non-existent, but i really needed that. it was good to see how she interacted with others and how much fun she had with new faces. for the first time, i'm really excited about taking her to daycare and giving her the opportunity to become more of an individual, to learn from other people and make new friends. it's a pretty great little feeling i tell you.

LAAV on mamahood, month ten:
  • tooth count: four
  • she is a crawling master!
  • she taught herself how to sit from a crawl in one morning and can't stop doing it.
  • my stomach is finally seeming more "normal".
  • weaning is the new thing i am fully freaked out about doing. especially when she strongly refused formula for over a week.
  • she scrunches her nose every time she smiles.
  • when she throws her head all the way back we say "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes.yes." and she nods with us.
  • she fake giggles in the nerdiest way and genuinely giggles in the cutest way.
  • climbing the stairs is her greatest victory.
  • she grabs books and holds them up for you to read. she'll still turn every page for you too.
  • yogurt is her most favourite food along with anything fruity. except mangos, she doesn't like those. (which is weird because mangos sums up my first trimester. all day. every day. couldn't get enough!)
  • she pulls things out of the carpet even though i swear we just vacuumed.
  • she fits in 12-18 month clothes now.
  • pulling cards from our wallets is her favourite morning activity and guarantees us at least 10 more minutes in bed. 
  • she cuddles in to my shoulder at every sleep while i sing to her till there was you.
  • she'll drink from her sippy just fine until she is done with it. then she puts the sippy to her mouth and spits water all down her shirt until she is soaked. she smiles the entire time she does it too.
  • brown bear brown bear what do you see, ten apples up on top, m is for maple, highlights hello magazine and wake up night are the book winners for the month.
  • she cuddles with her toys (fluffy or not) and my heart implodes.
  • her "dessert" (which is partially frozen fruit) comes out to the tune of star wars or the rocky theme song depending on if mom or dad is bringing it to her.
  • she hates grass.
  • she'll throw all of her soothers and her teddy bear out of her crib and call for us to come get them. she rarely does this more than once per sleep so we don't mind indulging her.
  • she refuses to sit in baths, only stands, making it a two man job again. please send reccos on how to best wash their hair without getting water all over their face.
  • she understands more and points to things when you ask her to find them. our noses/eyes/chins, pictures of her cousins, or sheep and trucks seem to be the most fun to find.
  • i love taking her to museums even though she can't fully grasp how great they are just yet.
  • i say to her "one day, dad and i will take you to rome, or prague, or the amalfi coast, wouldn't that be fun!?" one day.

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