June 25, 2011

comedy of errors

in just a few hours i get to pick up this guy from the airport and i couldn't be more excited!!  i mean really, look at that face, who wouldn't right?  after being gone for a week fly fishing far, far away, i imagine this is exactly how he looked during the week except with a lake and fishing rod included; and probably a bit more facial hair too! 

i wish i could say our house has been quite and peaceful these past seven days, but bruce and harvey have been doing a pretty good job at running a muck around here with nightly tag games and morning hide and seek.  i love these cute little kitties!

all in all, as much as i had been looking forward to a week alone, this week turned out to be quiet the show.  from clumsy days at work to spoiled dinners, sounding smoke alarms from burnt cookies and spooky movies i should never watch by myself {only because i check the closet eight times before going to bed}, i almost wish i had someone to share in this week of comedy!

so, t minus nine hours and counting until i can have someone to laugh with me {okay, maybe at me} about each clumsy mistake i make and i cannot wait!

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