July 04, 2011

toronto pride 2011, with the evans maxwell family

yesterday marked my first ever toronto pride which we spent with some new friends and their amazing family!  not only did we get to see the glitz and glam {and by glitz, i mean sweat and glam} of one of the best pride parades in the world, but we got to show our support for a super cool junior roller derby girl: nike evans maxwell.

of course i was also there to support the LGTB community, but with a sea of supporters from not only toronto but all over, i didnt feel bad about being more excited that miss nika was showing her support by skating in a parade that defines the true meaning of genuine spirit, creativity and life.

there are many more pictures to come {a lot, i promise!} documenting our day at pride, but for now, here is a snap shot of the beautiful evans maxwell family; we are so happy to have gotten to know you guys!

*     *     * 

more pictures to come shortly!

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