December 29, 2011

thank you... all of you who have supported this blog all of you who have left comments under posts
{i really do get so excited when that happens!} those of you who have shared a post or the site with others all of you who i love dearly all of you who i could not live without

*     *     *

i hope to give much much more in 2012!  look forward to
give aways!  guest bloggers! new expierences and posts! 
 if you are intersted in guest blogging shoot me an email, i would love to share what you have to say and the things that make you happy.

please continue to comment under posts, give me feedback, or just communicate. 

please follow so i can one day offer so much more! 
any interaction on the site is truely some of the best support i can get!

here is to new beginningslove and growth in the new year.

hurry up 2012!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you Rachel for bringing us this incredible blog! It adds so much light & love to my day! You are a wonderful person - thank you again for sharing your world with us!xo