March 07, 2012

fuzzy muzzy memories

come september, we will be in europe!

handsome and i are starting the first leg with just the two of us visiting multiple cities in italy. then we will jump up to meet the big sister and the giant in germany where we will see some much missed family members along with a lot of sightseeing and beer tasting.  from there, the four of us will head to paris!  i have never been to europe {gasp, i know!} and i am beyond excited!  i always had good intentions to go but something usually came up that took priority.  it is happening this year though!  hear me?  it's happening!

last night, sister and i had planned a skype date to talk about travel dates, where we would meet up and which airports we would fly in and out of.  as it normally happens with most conversations we have, the seriousness of the topic quickly turned to her and i laughing a ton about nothing with the added bonus of a silly little sing-a-long trip down memory lane with muzzy; in french.  i always remember lindsay loving the french muzzy videos but who knew she still knows most of the words and can sing along? impressive right?!

me? i sort of loved princess sylvi on roller skates and the big green clock eating fluff himself: muzzy. 
here is the video big sister sang along to while i just laughed and laughed.
in france, i may rely on her to do most of the talking!

bonne nuit! 
{i google'd that}

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