March 20, 2012

louie + me

this weekend was such an awesome auntie moment for me!  i can only imagine what my sister-in-law must feel because i find myself looking at my nieces and nephew thinking "when the heck did you become a kid?"  i first met the doerksen family when my nephew was the only grandkid and just a tiny 2 years old.  after him came 3 cute little girls and many more fun auntie moments of all of them from babies to kiddos.

this sunday melted my heart so much when my niece not only ditched an offer by a few neighborhood kids to "play with her aunt", but also proclaimed me as "such an awesome aunt" in front of one of them!

it may seem silly but pushing her on the swing and watching how high she could climb the tree made this auntie  super happy on sunday. hearing her be so honest about wanting to hang out with me though, pretty much had me beaming for the rest of the day...oh, and still today!


  1. LOVE! Being an aunt is super awesome...and having you as an aunt?!? Those are some lucky kids.

    1. Thanks Noor! Being an Aunt really is the greatest! But I know you know all about that!

  2. They are very lucky kids to have such a great Auntie!! Their Mom would never push them that high :-). Cute post Rachel!

  3. Creepy that I said Anonymous.