March 19, 2012

the rewind button :: sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band

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i recently started this awesome group blogging activity which i have sort of dubbed the digital book club for music lovers. 

our first album, sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band, is an album i think isn't just a common name in the beatles anthology, but a common name amongst most household playlists. so you can imagine my shock when i realized i didn't have it! i'm sure i do on cd somewhere {at least i hope that's the case} 

admittedly, this is not my favourite beatles album. with that said, it is their only album to make me dance around on my toes one song, and feel completely annoyed by the over mixing of studio sounds the next. seeing as it followed one of my favourite beatles albums, revolver, i do sort of love how it took the spirit of that album and just blew it out of park. i do find it impressive that the sounds from this album can transend into a lot of today's music and then usually find myself feeling resentment to a few lyrics. but one thing i can for sure decided on, is i have always adored this album's theatrical presence. 

my tip for you: 
*listen to this album on the go as it will instantly push rhythm into everything you do  
*dance to one or two songs on your toes and take a break when you hear the sitar 
{or skip to the next song to continue your dance party}

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