March 11, 2012

a saturday meet up

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a few weeks back i linked to some of my favourite bloggers on the right hand side of this page.  one blogger {ahem, sarah kelsey} suggested it would be fun if all of us could get together for a little blogger meet up; so yesterday, we did exactly that at terroni on queen!  most of these girls had never met before so i was super excited for the chance to have them all in the same room and see each of their lovely personalities mix with the others.  it was an awesome afternoon of getting to know each other better over food, wine and a few glasses of prosecco!  sad to say we were without reb {boo to the 427!} and carrie {boo to the distance!}, but both ladies were greatly missed!

if you would like, you can check out all of their super awesome blogs to the right!
happy reading!


  1. Knowing a few of you in the photo above, I can only imagine the wonder of your combined forces! Keep writing, all of you. The world needs more! xo Cynthia

  2. Such a great afternoon. My favourite line from you, Rachel...'is it 2 p.m. already?!' :)

  3. Thanks for connecting all of us Rachel! Can't wait to see how our first little writing project will go ;)

  4. This is such a lovely photo! Wishing I'd made it...