March 15, 2012

the rewind button

not too long ago i was approached by my friend reb to see if i wanted to participate in a group blogging activity inspired by her personal friend, rachel's, new years resolution plan.  the idea is, in one word: awesome!!  i think i even responded with a lot of these:
what is it you may ask?  it happens to be a bunch of bloggers going through the rolling stone's top 40 albums of all time week by week and writing our personal experience, thoughts, opinions, you name it!  the great part of it all is we will be listening to the same album each week and as many of us live in different areas and have never met, our takes on each album should offer up a lot of different thoughts.

currently i am already behind deadline, but will post soon!  we are kicking it off with an album i have listened to hundreds of times and definitely don't mind switching on again.  so expect my take on sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band very soon!  i will also be sure to tag each post with "the rewind button" so you can follow along! if you want to participate, let me know!  in the meantime check out a few of the bloggers participating and some who have even posted already, eek!  they are:

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