April 24, 2012

reliving immigration

recently i applied for my canadian citizenship which meant pulling out all of my permanent residency info for reference.  it was crazy to relive all the paperwork we had to fill out, the "are we doing this right?" questions, the long waiting period and "when can we see each other next?"  top that off with us planning a wedding and i feel like that entire year was spent signing our names on the dotted line.

seeing all of this again made me so happy about my decision to move.  initially  the move wasn't so easy as i only had jay to rely on- which wasn't fair to him but he handled it so well!  i can still feel that angst of feeling like i was in limbo where i spent an entire year just waiting...waiting for a tiny piece of paper that would give us the legal go ahead to physically begin our lives together.  i still remember crying so many tears of relief when i finally got my visa. that year was the ultimate year of change.  even through rough times of that year and the rough times when i first moved to toronto, i wouldn't change a thing. this is still exactly where i would want to be.

here are a few photos and notes i found while sifting through it all

wish me luck on a speedy citizenship process!


  1. Good luck! So glad "Svletslana" finally can get citizenship!

  2. Hahahaha, well we'll see about that!