April 23, 2012

the rewind button :: what's going on

i was so excited for this album.  so excited!! while i am familiar with a few of the songs from the album i have not {this is hard to admit openly} listened to the album in it's entirety.  


don't you just want to love everything about marvin gaye?  his voice, his political standing, his groove and soul. i know i do, at least i know i did.  what i am about to say is as hard to say as i'm sure it is for some to hear.  i barley made it through this album.  wait a sec though, i wanted to!  so badly did i want, which was the only reinforcement i had to finish.  

marvin gaye can do no wrong in my eyes, despite my lack of connection to this album.  i think i was ready for something else, something more spectacular, not just the really amazing song that comes here and there.  i was ready for a full set of "whoa rachel, why has it taken you this long to listen to this album?"  instead i got "whoa rachel did you really just skip a song titled save the children?"  and i did!  twice....oh shame.

i feel like i have a lot of you out there just shaking your head at me, at that i'm sorry, i am so so sorry! i tried, really i did.

my tip for you: 
*love this album for it's message, it is so much more impactful
*keep to the tops: what's going on, mercy mercy and inner city blues

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  1. Hilarious review! I appreciate the honesty. That's what The Rewind Button i all about!