April 12, 2012

the rewind button :: rubber soul

oh rubber soul, oh how i love thee. 

this album is all over the place- but in the best of ways!  i have always thought how funny it was that this album is wedged between revolver and sgt. pepper's in the beatles anthology.  if you took every song of this album and listened to it one by one you'll see there is a bit of early folk, early pop, a little blues and again, that freak'n sitar!  it works though.  

i find myself wondering if i think it works because i know the beatles music as a larger scope of work rather then remembering each album and their specific release date.  not sure, but would love the hear your thoughts if you remember the release of rubber soul!  was it satisfying? 

though this album isn't my favorite beatles album, it does have some of my favorite songs.  i wont bring you back to my last gushing post, but there may or may not be another fond wedding song taken from this album.  okay fine, i'll tell you!  it was in my life, so great naturally and in instrumental! 

hmmm, what else to say about this album?  its the beatles.  what else can i say that i haven't already?

my tip for you: 
*connect with the unconventionally popular songs on this album

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