May 09, 2012

a life at sea

jay and i have been looking at getting a new car lately as our current one is...welll, ehhh...not in the best shape.  jay likes to send links to cars that would be dreams, absolute dreams, but totally unrealistic.  as much as i would love to think it would be possible for us to pay for repairs on a 1962 aston martin, it's just not.

so today, he sends me this. is it crazy that for a minute there i fell in love with the idea?  then remembered i get motion sickness by simply looking over my shoulder, so maybe a life at sea is not in the books for us.  

a life by the sea though?  totally doable! 

image via here

on another note... still looking for a car.  i typically stick to the cheap repair options like honda, toyota and kia, but sort of loving the nissan rogue.  anyone know what repair costs are like on one of those??

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