May 08, 2012

happy {belated} one year laav!

{photo via this post with a few new edits to celebrate the occasion!}

i can't believe i missed the one year anniversary of my blog!  and by a week- eek!

it feels like such a long time ago that i walked in to the kitchen and confessed to jay i wanted to start a blog.  a blog called love as a verb that would only be dedicated to the happiest moments of my life.  to which i think he said "cool, you should!"  

this past year documenting the wonderful parts in life has truly been a blessing.  i am so happy i started this little blog of mine and so happy to see how it has evolved in such a short year!  i know i have swooned with thanks before, but really thanks again to everyone who has commented, complimented, or just shared in on what it is i'm trying to do with this blog.  it means so much to me i can't even begin to express!  

over the holidays i was gushing over how much fun i was having with it and how much i've learned {seriously folks, html coding- you can google anything!}, the big sis suggested we go through every post i had thus far, which made me so excited to share- again!

i have even gotten to meet new people {talking to you rewinders!} or shared interests with existing friends {check out the blog roll on the right!}...really it has just been amazing!

you can check out my first post here!  

for a few of my favorite posts from the year you can go 
{there was a lot!}

here's to another year ahead!

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