May 06, 2012

the rewind button :: london calling

i'll admit this album has always held a bit of contention for me.  not because i don't like the clash, i do, i love them! but because classifying this album strictly as "punk" has just never sat well with me.  i've never seen it as strictly punk in the sense there are a massive amount of true punk bands like the sex pistols, ramones, dead kennedys, dropkick murpheys...just to name a few... who are punk.

where i have adored the clash, specifically with london calling, is that they define punk music's history so effortlessly.  there is absolute ska and reggae sounds in this album; for sure rock and rockabilly; all of which lead up to punk's evolution.

on another level i think this album is also glorified for taking a politically charged type of music and making  it main stream. in short, my contention lies more with me personally and my battle to say yes this is punk and no it's more, but on a less selfish note, you can't deny this album's amazing ability to mix all types of those sounds and merge it into one constant and concise stream of music., who hasn't wanted to mimic the album cover?

my tip for you: 
*listen to this album followed by anything from the sex pistols and operation ivy to love it more
*check out my bestie's newest project HaSkaLA

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