October 01, 2012

postcard from munich

am a little behind in my posts as we are well in to our trip through italy {and almost done…weep weep} but here is a little something about munich- also known as jay’s heaven.

i will admit, i didn’t really know what to do in munich other than oktoberfest and had to do a bit of research before we arrived.  i knew there was a lot of history to be seen but i didn’t really know to expect or where to go to see it.  after touring around, i can safely say, it’s everywhere.  seriously, everywhere!  you can’t walk two steps without seeing something amazing.  restaurants and shops and beer halls are all in or around some kind of medieval building.  our first night there we had dinner right next to bavaria’s oldest gothic church, right next to it!

oktoberfest was amazing {of course} and i am super happy we were able to learn a few german drinking songs in monsheim beforehand!  while i loved every minute of being in the tent, i think i loved seeing the overwhelming glee in jay’s eyes with each new liter of beer ordered.  no one could stop that man from cheers-ing with people nearby!

we also rented an apartment from the cutest family who seriously helped us out by letting us stay in their daughter’s room one night when our booking dates got messed up.  they even made us breakfast the next day. thanks so much again anja and axel, and really, emma for letting us borrow your room!

stay tuned for venice and cinque terre!

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