October 02, 2012

postcard from venice

venice….oh venice, how i love you so!  getting lost on the little streets with gelato stands at every turn is so wonderful…so so wonderful indeed!

all through italy jay and i are spending about a day and a half in each city, which is absolutely not enough time we know, but i love how much we cram in to one day!  because of the parisian and italian we dined with in paris, we got a few good tips on taking a water taxi to burano and murano while in venice for a little something extra.  

so we took them up on their tip and spent the morning touring from one side of the lower part of venice to the other before hopping a water taxi to the two other islands.  burano is my kind of place!  it is surrounded by water and full of the brightest coloured houses, and the sweetest people ever!  it was the loveliest sunny day too which we were so fortunate for! 

somehow we seem to be missing the rain in each city, lucky us!

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